How Employee Innovation leads to Your Next Big Idea

2021-05-12 10:39:22 / by Power Framework posted in Microsoft Power Platform, Innovation

‘A chocolate bar that a man could take to work in his pack up (packed lunch)‘ was the bright idea from a Rowntree’s employee in 1935. That simple suggestion box idea led to the creation of the Kit Kat, one of the world’s most famous and most successful chocolate bars. 564 Kit Kat fingers are eaten every second, all over the world.

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7 Risks of Third-Party Cloud Project Portfolio Management

2021-02-18 12:57:31 / by Gero Renker posted in Microsoft Power Platform

Have you identified a need to transform your PMO and project teams with the help of modern tools? If so, then you might now be investigating the project portfolio management tools market, casting your net wide and comparing solutions based on the various features you may consider essential. The choice is huge, with many options available in the market. 

But here’s another question: Has your organisation declared a ‘Microsoft First’ cloud strategy? 

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10 Things You May Not Know About Microsoft's Power BI Solutions

2021-02-17 10:05:52 / by Power Framework posted in Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a game-changer for data visibility and improved decision-making and so it is no surprise that so many organisations have deployed it or intend to do so.

You may well be amongst those that use it on a daily basis or have started to explore it. In this article, we will talk about 10 key features of Power BI you may not be aware of.

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How Microsoft’s Power Platform Delivers Your Data Driven PMO

2020-10-16 13:08:55 / by Power Framework posted in Data-Driven PMO, Microsoft Power Platform

Defining reporting standards and governing processes to collect and share data is a core remit of the PMOaiming to deliver visibility of portfolios and projects to decision makers.  

So the PMO always aims to be data-driven, yet that doesn’t mean a data-driven culture is an inevitable outcome. There certainly are challenges in establishing such a culture – but we believe there is no platform like the Microsoft Power Platform to help you put the essential tools in place to make it happen. 

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Project For The Web And Microsoft's Power Platform – A  Strategic  Combination

2020-09-14 10:38:04 / by Power Framework posted in Microsoft Power Platform

Project for the Web was built by Microsoft to deliver ease of use for project planners and teams. Our customers love its attractive user interface,  the ease of sharing projects with team members, the ability to adjust online timelines and many other features. 

But it’s worth taking a look under the hood to consider the infrastructure that it was built on Microsoft’s Power platform. It may not be immediately obvious how significant this platform is to the future of the product, as well as to organisations who choose to adopt it. 

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The Power of Microsoft's Power BI – a Revolution for Data Driven PPM

2020-09-08 14:45:53 / by Power Framework posted in Power BI

Why do organisations implement Project and Portfolio Management systems? 

Invariably a key objective is gaining control and visibility of the project portfolio. We want to gather project information efficiently and turn it into insights to be shared with stakeholders promptly. 

Power Framework is a great tool to rapidly implement a highly personalised project database and adopt a consistent process framework. It’s the combination with Power BI that raises this solution to another level.

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