On-Demand Webinar

The Do's and Don'ts of Successful PPM Tool Implementation


dos and donts

If your organisation is looking to deploy a Project Portfolio Management tool, or if you’ve got one deployed that isn’t quite delivering on its promise, then this webinar is for you!

With a background of 20 years in the PPM space, Gero is going share the essence of Program Framework’s experience in implementing PPM solutions for hundreds of organisations across all sectors.

Covering the full journey from business case and tool selection to implementation and ongoing adoption, get some real-world pragmatic advice on what you can do right from the start, and what traps to avoid.

Some of the topics we will discuss:

  • How you can tell that you need a PPM software
  • What not to do when you’re initiating the implementation project
  • Real-world advice for successful user adoption
  • Principles for long-term success

There are many ways of getting it wrong – watch this webinar to increase your chances of getting it right!


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