ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Sound Programme Budgeting with Power Framework 

If your projects are governed through programmes and you are facing the ongoing challenge of budget control, then this webinar is for you. 

Programme Budgeting

Power Framework, your ready made PMO solution on the Power Platform, has easy to use, flexible and time saving features for financial control: 

  • Set programme level budgets, time phased and for different budget categories 
  • Allocate budgets to projects 
  • See how projects are allocating and spending those budgets 
  • Instantly identify and deal with budget issues 
  • Report on all programme and project financials 

Designed to be pragmatic and usablePower Framework can take the pain out of programme investment tracking – reducing wasted hours chasing informationproviding the control you need to avoid overspend and safeguard project success.


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Gero Renker

Co-founder of Program Framework

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