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Modern Microsoft PPM

Stage 1: Foundation

This webinar series aims to give you a thorough understanding of how you can achieve effective Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in the Microsoft 365 cloud platform. 

Evt1 Foundation-1

Whilst there are various maturity models for PPM such as P3M3, we have chosen to cover this as a journey through three key stages: Foundation, Operation, Maturity.

The Foundation stage is about gaining basic control of your Projects, by understanding the projects you have, the resources they consume and what they are delivering.

This webinar explores the capabilities of Microsoft Project with Power Platform apps and how these services can be used to store all Project, Programme and Portfolio data in one place.

We will cover:

  • Introduction to Project for the Web and the Power Platform
  • Introduction to Microsoft's PPM Accelerator Solution
  • Typical registers such as Project Requests, Project Management, Programme Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Change Management, Status Management
  • Integrating Microsoft PPM with Teams
  • License requirements

This foundation step shows how easy it is to deliver a PPM 'Single source of truth' software in the Microsoft cloud.

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Evt2 Operation    Evt3 Maturity


  • Duncan Griffin