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Take control of Program and Project costs

Finance Tracker adds powerful financial features to Microsoft Project for the web.

It offers complete visibility of your costs, allowing you to manage program funding, project budget allocation, and tracking of forecast and actuals. Deployed as a modular solution in your own Microsoft cloud tenant, it seamlessly integrates with Project’s Power App (such as Microsoft’s Project Accelerator).

Personalise your worksheet

Apply filters and column selections to focus on the cost categories and time window you wish to work with. An efficient and easy user experience.

  • pop-out

    Pop out to full screen to increase real estate

  • hide-rows

    Hide any cost rows not relevant to the project

  • calendar

    Work at annual, quarterly, or monthly level

Define program budget

Put an end to disconnected, cumbersome spreadsheets. Improve your cost control with a single view of program Opex vs. Capex and funding sources.

  • cost-structures

    Apply highly configurable cost structures

  • funding-sources

    Define and report on funding sources for your programs

  • budget-categories

    Configurable across budget categories

Allocate budget to projects

Finance Tracker allows you to allocate budget to projects, drawing from your program fund. Your remaining unallocated program budget is always visible.

  • streamline-budget

    Streamline budget management

  • monitor-shortfalls

    Monitor shortfalls & track variances

  • unify-budgets

    Unify program and project budgets

Maintain forecasts & actuals

Respond faster to project cost impacts with a holistic view of your forecasts and actuals.

  • forecast-costs

    Forecast project costs

  • record-actuals

    Record project actuals

  • phone-icon

    All balances are rolled up to program level to track variances and see shortfalls instantly

Enhanced reporting

Use Finance Tracker's Power BI report templates or create your own to dive deep into your data and report on all aspects.

  • portfolio

    Portfolio budget & program cost analysis

  • budget-variances

    Budget / Forecast variances

  • funding-reports

    Funding source reports

Enjoy seamless Program & Project budgeting

  • financial-control

    Improve financial control with one source of truth, customised to your needs.

  • integrated-timesheets

    Reduce admin time, avoid confusion and get rid of disconnected spreadsheets.

  • easy-to-use

    Easy to use, easy to adopt as a simple, integrated add-on to Project for the web.

  • enhance-collboration

    Enhance collaboration thanks to customisable views and in-depth reports.

Say goodbye to disconnected cost trackers & manual reporting

Save time, increase visibility, and stay in control with Finance Tracker.


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