On-Demand Webinar

Data driven PMO on the Microsoft Power Platform 


PMOs aim to create a data-driven culture to support informed decision-making. 

Microsoft's Power Platform has many unique capabilities to help achieve that goal - giving you the power to gather, govern and report your project and portfolio data like no other platform.


Let's drill into this and discuss:

  • Integration and automation to harvest data from disparate systems, such as project tools and financial systems

  • An efficient user experience to encourage adoption and consistent data capture

  • Encouraging collaboration through Teams integration

  • Instant governance to allow safeguarding of data quality

  • Data visibility through attractive dashboards, with self-service access and ad-hoc report authoring

  • Artificial intelligence components to maximise the value of the data.

We will demonstrate many of these exciting capabilities by example of our Power Framework solution - your ready-made PMO on the Power Platform.


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